“Direction rather than speed”
(since 2021)

Hong Rae Im

Education B.S. : Chemical Engineering,
Hankyung National University. /
M.S. : Chemical Engineering,
Hankyung National University.
Research filed Membrane Bioreactor
Experiences [Thesis]
Evaluation of ethanol productivity in syngas fermenation using Clostridium autoethanogenum at various operating conditions

[International presentation]
-Effect of single foulant and mixed foulants on silicon carbide (SiC) membrane fouling and their fouling behavior, Taiwan, 22, Oct, Oral presentation

[Domestic presentation]
-비파괴적 분석을 이용한 침지형 분리막 생물반응기 내 미생물 체외고분자물질 및 2가이온에 대한 메커니즘 분석, Jeju, 10, May, Poster presentation
-OCT기법을 활용한 상수관망에서의 생물막 및 부식층 실시간 모니터링 및 진단·예측, Suwon, 27, June, Poster presentation
-Real-time diagnosis and monitoring of biofilm layer formation on various pipeline materials using non-invasive imaging methods, 01, Nov, Oral presentation