“Have courage”
(since 2021)

Youjin Kim

Education B.S. : Environmental & Energy Engineering, Kyonggi University. /
M.S. : Environmental Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University.
Research filed Dynamic Membrane
Experiences [Thesis]
Evaluation of disinfection efficiency of cartridge filtration in SWRO process at algal bloom condition by comparing Cl2 and ClO2

[International presentation]
-Comparison of Cleaning Efficiency and Reusability of HMOPs Deposited Dynamic Membrane (DM) by Various Cleaning Methods, Dubai, 28, Nov, Oral presentation
-Evaluation characteristic and performance of metal oxide adsorbent pre-deposited dynamic membrane with various ceramic module for organic removal, Taiwan, 22, Oct, Oral presentation

[Domestic presentation]
-금속산화물 흡착제와 무기막을 사용한 다이나믹 멤브레인의 형성도 평가 및 유기물 제어 성능 평가, Jeju, 10, May, Poster presentation
-유기 막 오염 제어를 위한 금속산화물을 사용한 Ceramic-base dynamic membrane의 운전 및 평가, Suwon, 27, June, Poster presentation