“Confessions of an economic hitman”
(since 2022)

Duc Anh Nguyen

Education B.S. : Chemistry, Hanoi National University of Education /
M.S. : Environmental Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University.
Research filed Forward Osmosis
Experiences [Thesis]
Fabricated Magnetic Adsorption Forward Osmosis Membrane Hybrid System for Hydroponic Irrigation from Rich Arsenic containing Heavy Metal Water Stream

[International presentation]

[Domestic presentation]
-Magnetic adsorption – Fertilizer drawn forward osmosis membrane hybrid system for rich arsenic-containing heavy metal wastewater treatment, Jeju, 10, May, Poster presentation
-Novel Ultrahigh-porosity and crystallinity Ranunculus-like Magnesium Oxide for Fluoride Water Treatment, Suwon, 27, June, Poster
-Magnetic Adsorption – Fertilizer Drawn Forward Osmosis Hybrid System for Hydroponic Irrigation from Rich Heavy Metals containing Arsenic Wastewater, Jeju, 8, Nov, Oral presentation